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Trips that take you to ancient villages, incredible cultures, amazing food, and unbelievable sights. And all proceeds go to supporting our projects around the world.

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Image by Timur Kozmenko

Republic of Georgia

A journey filled with centuries old churches, incredible wine, breathtaking vistas and a one-of-a-kind cultural experience called the Keipi (a dinner feast with 16 toasts on the themes of life). Georgia is known for its hospitality and you’ll feel that every step of the way as we visit local families, introduce you to ChaCha (the remedy for all illnesses as claimed by Georgians), and take a look at our sites.

Image by Mathijs Beks


This journey will take you to the faraway town of Momostenango, where our Field Workers will introduce you to all of our amazing projects. Along the way you’ll see the most beautiful lake in the world, an ancient Spanish colonial city, and join a local Mayan family for one unforgettable night of food and drink.

Image by Mathijs Beks
Image by Dorothea OLDANI


Join us as we travel around in Cuba in classic cars with the tops down. See how cigars are made first hand, join local families for day time meals, and learn how to Salsa the Cuban way. And don’t forget to spend some time with us on the beautiful beaches!

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