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Forming friendships by breaking bread.


Rediscovering purpose by raising a glass.

Come and experience the Old World feast.


Who We Are

Keipi is a non-profit restaurant that offers food, wine and experiential dining from the Republic of Georgia. Where on earth is that? Well, it's far off and tucked away in the Caucasus mountains, in a place that looks (and feels) a bit like Middle Earth, where cultivating your own grapes and making toasts to the heroes and saints of old never went out of fashion.


We fell in love with Georgian cuisine and its otherworldly hospitality, so much so that we felt responsible for bringing it back home and sharing it with the folks of Greenville.


Come in try our delicious khachapuri (cheese bread), Georgian wine (from an 8,000 year-old winemaking tradition), and of course sign up for a Keipi, a Georgian toasting feast that you'll fall in love with.

The Inside Scoop

Keipi belongs to a non-profit organization called First Things Foundation. First Things sends adventurous folks to remote places in the world for two-year stints. We live as the locals live and then give momentum to the businesses and projects of the friends we meet.


As it turns out, there's a lot to learn from these Old World places. The Republic of Georgia, one of the countries where we work, has taught us much about community and sharing together in the beautiful things of life. This spirit, especially embodied in the Georgian toasting dinner of the Keipi, is what we hope to manifest.


All available profits from Keipi go directly back to First Things Foundation to support our volunteers and the entrepreneurs we work with.

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